Lifeguard Job Description

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Lifeguards play a key role in ensuring a safe/clean environment for swimmers both in and around the pool grounds. They are usually advanced swimmers who have received training and lifeguard certification. TCSC include a continuous rotation of active safety monitoring for the benefit of all members both in and out of the pool. Their goal is to prevent injury, protect each swimmer, and administer first aid and emergency response as needed.





Guard House Attendant

The guard shack attendant is the face of TCSC. They are the source of general information to members, guests, and public both in-person and on the phone. They are a friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, and organized staff member that is critical to the functioning of the club. The role of the guard shack attendant is broad in scope, covering items such as checking in members and guests, providing general information, operating the PA system, and providing general services.






Snack bar Attendant

The snack bar attendant is key team player for the TCSC and is tasked with
maintaining and operating the snack bar facility. The snack bar generates revenue for the swim
and sports club each year and is a major contributor to our capital fund. The goal of this
position is to provide friendly customer service to all members and guests by preparing and
fulfilling food and beverage orders. This position must follow several operating procedures and
must follow direction from the pool manager as needed.








Snack bar Attendant Job Description
Guard House Attendant Job Description

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